What is a Micro-Church?

The Timothy Initiative defines a church as “a group of people who gather together regularly to worship God, study the Scriptures, pray, and fellowship. They observe the ordinances as they understand how and are equipped and sent out on mission to make other disciple makers. All of this is done under the authority of the head of the Church, Jesus Christ, and under the authority of Biblically qualified leadership.”

Micro-churches create tight-knit communities of believers founded on the belief that every follower of Jesus plays an equal and important role in the life and mission of the church. The challenges that a traditional church may face (overhead, unexpected growth, staffing) do not affect micro-churches. Moreover, multiplication is woven into the DNA of the micro church model. When a micro-church is no longer micro, the body of believers commission some in the spiritual family to plant a new micro-church in an area that needs one, widening the reach of the Gospel in their town or city.

Why Micro-Churches?

How the micro-church model is reaching people with the Gospel in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Advantages of the Micro-Church Model

What disciple making movements around the world are revealing about the micro-church model and its potential implications for the United States.

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How to Plant Micro-Churches

Incorporating and building on the foundational aspects of the traditional church model, micro-churches are simple to launch and easy to reproduce.

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Micro-Church Movements in the USA

Listen to the stories and testimonies of pastors and church planters who have partnered with The Timothy Initiative to launch micro-church movements in their cities.

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