What is Needed to Plant a Micro-Church?

You likely have your own opinions, ideas, and beliefs about what makes a church and how we should go about planting churches to make disciples who make disciples. Micro-churches take the most foundational aspects of the traditional church model and make them even easier to adopt, teach, and reproduce in smaller groups of disciple makers.

Biblically Qualified Leadership

Micro-churches have a unique connection and relationship with an existing body of believers. A micro-church may have been sent out by another larger church or it may be part of a network of micro-churches.  Although the micro-church is separate, leaders of the micro-church remain aligned with and accountable to the leadership of those who sent them.

Regular Gatherings

Micro-churches establish a consistent and intentional rhythm of gathering together to encourage one another, look back on what God has done and is doing, and to participate in the worship, prayer, and discovering the Word of God together.

Worship, Prayer, and Scripture

Micro-churches engage in worship of God in many different forms. Some worship with songs, the recitation of Scripture, or even recounting all of the things God is doing. In these regular gatherings, much time is dedicated to prayer. Worship naturally leads to prayer and prayer orients our hearts toward God and His purposes before we begin discovering God’s Word. The habit of reading Scripture and meeting God in His Word is a key focus of the Christian life. Micro-churches encourage accountability and the daily reading of Scripture. 

Observation of the Ordinances

Breaking bread together (sharing a meal) is a natural time to observe communion and reflect on the sacrifice of Christ for our sins. The micro-church will grow when someone trusts Jesus with their life and begins to follow Him in obedience. It is the expectation that the members of the micro-church will prepare for that person to be baptized. Baptism allows for the new follower of Jesus to publicly declare their hope and trust in Jesus.

Going and Sharing the Love of Christ

Reaching new people for the Gospel is the natural and expected response when the micro-church leaves the gathering and returns into the world. As each disciple is reminded of their personal responsibility to make disciples when the micro-church meets, more people will begin to hear about the love of Christ.

Intentionally Multiplying Disciples

The gathering of believers reminds the follower of Christ of their primary task in this world: to share the love of Christ and make disciples. By making disciples and teaching them how to make disciples, many more people will find hope and faith in Christ. Multiplication is in the DNA of every micro-church.

Want to Join the Micro-Church Movement?

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