A Movement for this Moment

We were not prepared for the situation our world is facing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pressed pause on our lives. It has turned society upside-down and brought governments and entire countries to their knees. Everyday activities like going to the grocery store or walking the dog at the park have become a cause for anxiety.

For many of us, this crisis has been a wake-up call; a reminder that we do not have as much control over our lives as we previously thought. Even as we try to navigate this unknown territory, we have already begun to ask, “What will the new ‘normal’ look like?” 

As we try to recover from the pandemic, how will our lives change? How will workers and businesses be affected when doors begin to reopen after being closed for more than two months? How many employees will continue to work from home to minimize the potential of a spike in new cases? Will we actually begin to value the face-to-face interactions we once took for granted? Will we begin to make Sunday School, small groups, and Bible studies a priority?

During this time of working from home, isolating ourselves from others, and live-streaming our Sunday morning services, many in the church are being forced to consider if their relationship with Jesus was entirely too dependent on the church they went to and not the Church they represent. It is anticipated that after the United States begins to reopen, many churches may permanently close their doors. This will inevitably leave many people without what is most needed in times like these: a community of people to encourage and walk with them as they pursue Christ.

Now, more than ever, the United States is in need of a movement to meet this moment; a movement that will bring the Gospel to people who may never have the opportunity to set foot in your church. Disciple making movements are happening all over the world and one can happen in your city, too.