When someone begins playing a new sport or starts learning a new skill, the people who pick up the routines, behaviors, and techniques required for success are those who have someone showing them the way. By partnering with The Timothy Initiative, you will gain access to highly-skilled and experienced coaches who will join you along the journey of making disciples and planting micro-churches.

Through weekly calls, emails, and conversations, you will be equipped to effectively train those you are discipling, get answers to your questions, and learn from people who have walked the same path you are starting.

Depending on your needs and goals, you can receive coaching from The Timothy Initiative in two forms:

1) If you are interested in learning how to implement the disciples making disciples and micro-church model with the people in your church, you can receive one-on-one coaching from a trainer.

2) If you are interested in ongoing mentorship with an experienced trainer and other pastors and church planters, you can join a Training Cohort.


Have you been in the church for most of your life or even pastored for several years and not ever learned how to make disciples who make disciples? Have you ever been unsure how to best reach the people in your community for Christ? Have you had the opportunity to lead many people to Christ and now don’t know what to do with them?

This is why you need coaching! The coaches at The Timothy Initiative will guide you as you learn about the disciples making disciples process and how to plant micro-churches. Learning from experienced trainers and teachers, you will become equipped to start a disciple making movement where you live.


Your coach will be the person in your corner. Think of your coach as a teacher, mentor, and partner rolled into one. In addition to helping you grasp the skills and concepts essential to making disciples and planting micro-churches, your coach will:

  • Meet with you regularly to pray for and encourage you. 
  • Hold you accountable as you make disciples and train others.
  • Help you strategize on short and long-term objectives.
  • Recommend studies and resources that support development. 
  • Connect you with other leaders and disciple makers in your area.


You will be coached by pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders who have spent years learning the skills, values, and beliefs that are essential for starting a disciple making movement.


When you sign up to receive coaching from TTI, you are getting more than a consultant; you’ll be connected with people who deeply care for you and the people you are leading. Your coach actively invests in your spiritual growth, encouraging you in your walk with Christ and holding you accountable. In addition to this, your coach will also help to widen your focus and guide you as you cast vision for the future of your church, ministry, and community. The cost of coaching services from The Timothy Initiative is currently $200/month.


A Training Cohort is like a small group for church planters and pastors who are interested in learning to make disciples and plant micro-churches. The Training Cohort is facilitated by a TTI coach who trains those in the Cohort through the training materials and TTI’s disciples making disciples process. If you join a Training Cohort, you will join other pastors and church planters in being trained to reach your community with the Gospel. 

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