Recorded Sessions from the 2020 Micro-Church Summit

Session 1: Introductions & Movements

Session 2: Pastor Dan Brindley

Session 3: Pastor Dan Q&A

Session 4: Disciple vs. Disciple Maker

Session 5: Every Paul has the Potential to Lead a Movement

Session 6: Three Shifts for a Movement

Session 7: Pastor Malcolm Carter

Session 8: Pastor Dan’s Devotional

Session 9: Leadership Development & Strategy

Session 10: Look Back, Look Up, Look Forward

Session 11: The Discipleship Square

Session 12: Church Planter’s Panel

Session 13: Raising the Sails and DMD Level 1 Introductions

Session 14: Pathway to a Movement

Session 15: 5 Levels of Leadership

Session 16: Discovery Bible Study

Session 17: Timeline of Training and Casting Vision

Session 18: Training Center & Micro-Church Q&A

Session 19: Live Training Center

Session 20: Four Fields

Session 21: Next Steps